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Moebe Frame Oak A3 Design: Moebe. Fakta: We have made our frame simple. Reduced it to it’s core form and given it transparency. Consisting of only the essential elements, the paired down Moebe frame simply slots together. Four pieces of oak wood hold two pieces of plexiglass in place with a rubber band to create a minimal frame. Frame special prints, photos or press flowers or leaves to create your own unique artwork. The rubber band both holds the frame together and also serves for hanging the frame on your wall. Materiale: Two pieces of acrylic glass, four pieces of oak and a rubber band. Størrelser: A4 or A3.
Designer Moebe
Materiale Aluminium
Mål Ydermål: A5: 17x23x1,2cm, A4: 23x32x1,2cm, A3: 32x44x1,2 cm