HAY - New Order Reol | 4 Layers

Model/Varenr.: swp19213
Vægt: 51 kg.

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New Order reol Design: Stefan Diez for HAY. Fakta: New Order is a ground-breaking shelving system in aluminium that allows for endless variations. The shelves can be up to 2 meters wide, which is a unique feature, as the weight of books and other items will make shelves in wood and veneer bend at much shorter spans. The New Order system includes two kinds of shelves: a slim and flat standard shelf and a tray for displaying personal possessions, objects of art and other curios that hold special importance. The digital development is changing the way we furnish our homes. Today, ring binders filled with personal papers no longer occupy several metres of shelf space in the office or living room but are stored in the digital cloud. New Order is a new way of organizing our everyday life, as the system is capable of integrating most functions in a strong material and a contemporary colour scheme with back panels, side panels and folding doors in a range of wood veneers. This versatile solution lets you stow away or display your belongings depending on your individual needs and preferences. Set consist of: 2 x 100 cm tray 4 x 100 cm shelf 2 x 100 cm sliding door 2 x single profile set 2 x double profile connector set 2 x set of 2 side panels + 1 back panel See New Order Catalogue for dimensions and all other variants. Materiale: Powder coated aluminium Wooden doors and panels Farver: Frame: Army, Chocolate, Light grey, Yellow, Red, Charcoal. Doors/Panels: Stained light grey, Stained Black, Oak, Ash. Størrelse: H: 79,5 cm. B: 200 cm. D: 34 cm. Flere billeder / Inspiration

Designer HAY
Materiale Pulverlakeret aluminium
Mål B150 x H115 cm