Flos - Captain Flint gulvampe - antracit

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Captain Flint gulvampe - antracit

Michael Anastassiades for Flos, 2014.

I wanted to design a light that had a dual purpose. An up-lighter, illuminating the space with enough ambient lighting, that with a delicate rotation becomes a dim companion for reading. A notion of balance, with a cone resting delicately on its point on a rotating rod." - M. Anastassiades

The structure's minimalist and elegant design blends perfectly with the precious marble base: the classic look of the brass combined with the timeless tones of the white Carrara marble; the modern anthracite blended with the Marquina marble: thin silver and white veins crossing a dark background.

The "invisible" system that keeps the conical form balanced on the thin tubular structure makes it possible to direct the diffuse light, in a practical and simple way, in any position, combining formal rigour with functionality.

Floor lamp providing adjustable direct light. Painted steel or brushed brass, stem and metal spinning cone. Opal photoengraved PC diffuser by injection molding.

1 COB LED 2700K 1410lm CRI93 - 20W Dimmer

Steel, aluminium, brass, marble, polycarbonate.

Bredde: 37 cm.
Højde: 153,7 cm.
Fod Ø: 32 cm.
Skærm Ø: 21 cm.

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